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Los Angeles Employment Lawyer Press Releases

Los Angeles Wage And Hour Lawyer Eric B. Kingsley Receives Martindale-Hubbell(R) BV(R) Distinguished(TM) Peer Review Rating(SM)

Los Angeles unpaid wages attorney Eric B. Kingsley at Kingsley and Kingsley Employment Lawyers receives the prestigious BV(R) Distinguished(TM) Peer Review Rating(SM) from Martindale-Hubbell(R). read more…

DOL Weighs In On Ninth Circuit Pharmaceutical Rep Overtime Case

On August 11, 2010, the Obama Administration weighed in on the pharmaceutical representative overtime debate. The Federal Department of Labor filed an amicus brief in the Ninth Circuit case of Buchanan v. SmithKline Beecham Corp., 10-1525, declaring that in their analysis of the legal issues, pharmaceutical representatives are not exempt under the outside sales exemption or the administrative exemption of the FLSA. read more…

E & J Gallo And French Supplier Mislabeled French Pinot Noir To Deceive Customers Lawsuit Alleges

Kingsley and Kingsley Employment Lawyers has filed a class action complaint alleging that Defendant E&J Gallo defrauded consumers in the marketing and selling of Pinot Noir wine under its Red Bicyclette label that was, in fact, not Pinot Noir. Instead, the wine was cut with cheaper merlot and syrah grapes, leaving consumers to pay for a more expensive wine that they were not actually receiving. read more…


Beck's Furniture Facing Class Action Lawsuit

Today, Kingsley and Kingsley Employment Lawyers and the Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Fulton, on behalf of Plaintiffs Marsha Davis and Marie Villafuerte, filed a class action complaint in Sacramento Superior Court (complaint number 34-2010-00075385) against Beck's Furniture alleging that they engaged in unfair competition, false advertising, negligent misrepresentation fraud in the marketing and advertizing of its free grocery promotion at its stores throughout California. read more…

Kingsley & Kingsley Launches New Web Site To Expand Practice Into Consumer Class Actions

Los Angeles law firm with substantial experience in wage and hour law diversifies with growth of large-scale consumer class action practice

Encino, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2010 - A highly regarded Los Angeles law firm has introduced a new Web site, providing consumers with access to a wide range of news and information regarding the firm's fast-growing consumer class action practice.

The new site was launched by Kingsley & Kingsley, a law firm that provides individuals and families throughout California with legal representation in employment matters, in dealing with their insurance company, or in connection with a personal injury they have suffered due to the fault of another.

The firm is well-respected for its work in representing plaintiffs with "wage and hour" disputes with their employers, such as protecting their rights to overtime, benefits and other job protections. The new site showcases the firm's expansion into the area of consumer class action matters, in which they help consumers recover for the wrongs done to them and seek to force corporations to act responsibly toward the public.

"Consumers often feel that they are at the mercy of large corporations and that, although there may be laws designed to protect the consumer, there is little they can do when a product fails to perform as promised," said Eric Kingsley, partner at Kingsley and Kingsley Employment Lawyers. "In these situations, the law provides for class action lawsuits by which a large group of people who have been mistreated may be represented in one lawsuit against a company. These types of cases are usually settled for large sums by the offending company, which typically changes its behavior after the lawsuit and no longer engages in the pattern of wrongful conduct."

According to Kingsley, the firm's new Web site includes a wide variety of news and information regarding its practice areas, as well as examples of specific cases the firm has handled for clients. These include current class action lawsuits involving Beck's Furniture and E & J Gallo.

Since 1997, Kingsley and Kingsley Employment Lawyers has been dedicated to helping plaintiffs harmed by the negligence or wrongdoing of corporate America. Whether their client has suffered mistreatment in the workplace or been denied the insurance benefits to which they are rightfully entitled, the firm's experienced attorneys have the skills and legal expertise to provide effective assistance.

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