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Case Results

$4,700,000 Settlement for Denied Surgery

Attorney Liane Katzenstein Ly Achieves Resolution in Denial of Back Surgery Case Against BlueCross

Case Summary

Attorney Liane Katzenstein Ly has successfully negotiated a substantial settlement of $4,700,000 in a case against BlueCross. This case focused on the denial of requested back surgeries related to the Pro Disc L device.

Case Background

Client Group: Patients Seeking Back Surgeries
Legal Issue: Denial of Back Surgeries Related to Pro Disc L Device
Settlement Amount: $4,700,000

This case revolved around patients who were seeking essential back surgeries related to the Pro Disc L device. Despite their medical need for these surgeries, BlueCross denied their requests, causing significant distress and hardship.

Attorney Liane Katzenstein Ly took on the case to address this denial and secure the necessary medical care compensation for the affected individuals.

Settlement Outcome

The case reached a resolution with a substantial settlement of $4,700,000, ensuring that the denied back surgeries related to the Pro Disc L device would be provided to the affected patients.

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