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Both federal and state laws protect employees who report illegal activity, fraudulent behavior, and other labor violations that occur in the workplace. These people are called whistleblowers, and their honesty in coming forward and exposing employment law violations can sometimes result in employer retaliation and other forms of harassment. That is why our esteemed, award-wining legal team is committed to using our skills and resources to advocate for the rights of whistleblowers across California.

Have you witnessed wrongdoing at work that you reported to your employer, but they failed to do anything to fix it? Do you want to report illegal activity in your workplace but you're afraid your employer will fire or punish you? If so, turn to Kingsley and Kingsley Lawyers for reliable legal counsel. We are here to listen to your concerns and help explore all of your options so you can fight for justice and hold your employer accountable under the law.

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Which Types of Whistleblower Actions Are Protected By Law?

Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers are legally protected from punishment or retaliation by their company. The state of California also has a version of the False Claims Act for those who engage in conduct that is protected by public policy.

Examples of protected whistleblower activity include:

  • Reporting fraudulent, unethical, or dangerous actions or behavior observed in the workplace
  • Filing a complaint for wage or hour violations
  • Filing a worker's compensation claim
  • Reporting a coworker's illegal activities or misconduct
  • Reporting unlawful discrimination or harassment
  • Reporting health or safety code violations
  • Reporting fraudulent health care or medical claim practices
  • Reporting overcharges or fraudulent billing for items/services or time spent with clients

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Our highly respected employment law firm has a stellar reputation helping workers fight back against employers who abuse whistleblowers. We firmly believe that employers who stomp all over the rights of their workers deserve to be held accountable for their wrongdoing. That is why our legal professionals use our unique insight to help workers across a wide range of industries pursue whistleblower claims for discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour violations, and more.

Although businesses and corporations are backed by their own teams of lawyers who exclusively serve them, when you choose Kingsley and Kingsley to handle your case, we will leverage our extensive resources and proven strategies to even the playing field .

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