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Since 1997, Kingsley and Kingsley Lawyers has been fighting for employee rights throughout the state of California. Our team has recovered three hundred million dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of aggrieved employees. These cases have ranged from sexual harassment to wage and hour violations, wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, and other employment law violations. California employment laws have been put into place to protect employees but the laws do not enforce themselves. As an employee, you need help from professionals to hold your employers accountable, get the protection you need from unforeseen threats to your financial and employment well-being, and guidance when facing current challenges.

At our firm, our Los Angeles employment law team has focused on nothing else for more than 40 years. We are widely-respected for our proven results which has led to consistent referrals from satisfied clients and other law firms. Our Managing Partner, Attorney Eric Kingsley, has been listed in the Daily Journal as a top California employment lawyer. We bring exceptional competence to your employment case in an open, helpful, and approachable environment designed to put you at ease when under the stress of the legal process.

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Employment Law Cases in Los Angeles

Employment law is an area governed by many statutes at both the state and federal levels. This practice area generally involves the relationship between employers and employees with a strong emphasis on protecting employee rights. These laws cover everything from hours and wages to benefits, contracts, discrimination, safety, all forms of harassment, and all other aspects of hiring, training, termination, and more.

Unfortunately, most employers don't really care about those they hire to run their businesses. Exceptions occur but employers often do not "step up to the plate" and do the right thing. When you speak with one of our employment lawyers, you won't be speaking to someone who doesn't really care about you or your circumstance. You can count on us to treat you as we would treat our friends and family. We will fight tirelessly to help ensure your case is tenaciously pursued, your future is secured, and your needs are met.

When you are wronged in the workplace, it is often intimidating to go up against an employer who seemingly has all of the resources and power. However, if you cannot get the justice you need through proper channels in the workplace, you may have to pursue that justice with the assistance of a qualified attorney. Our firm is here to help you pursue legal remedies to the challenges you face that are unique to employment law claims and lawsuits. Our mission is to right the wrongs you have endured and obtain compensation for any losses.

We Stand Up For Our Clients

Employees who have their rights infringed upon and who may suffer potential economic and emotional losses because of it need strong litigators in their corner. At Kingsley & Kingsley Lawyers, our team is composed of dedicated Los Angeles employment lawyers who have a thorough understanding of the many laws surrounding the workplace and how they can protect you. We can assist you by determining the correct path of action to take to resolve your case. You may be able to secure economic and non-economic damages for any losses you have suffered due to workplace wrongdoing. Let us use our extensive experience and passion to serve to help you through your employment law crisis.



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    I was a model employee for 10 years when my employer fired me for a ridiculous reason. I researched a few different wrongful termination attorneys, but ended up deciding on Kingsley because of the people I spoke with. They were kind and obviously had a lot of experience with my type of case. I am... Read On

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Attorney Eric B. Kingsley breaks down the California workplace rights that employers violate the most in an easy to understand e-book.


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