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Case Results

$44,000,000.00 Settlement Misclassified Stock Brokers

Attorney Eric Kingsley Secures $44,000,000 Victory for Misclassified Stock Brokers

Case Overview

In a landmark victory for labor rights and employment law, Attorney Eric Kingsley, alongside a team of accomplished plaintiff's lawyers, achieved a monumental $44,000,000 settlement on behalf of a group of stock brokers who had been systematically misclassified. This case sets a precedent for the correct classification of workers and the importance of fair treatment under the law.

Case Background

Client Group: Stock Brokers
Legal Issue: Misclassification as Exempt
Settlement Amount: $44,000,000

The misclassification issue stemmed from stock brokers being improperly treated as exempt employees. This erroneous classification resulted in the denial of essential employment protections and benefits, including overtime pay, minimum wage guarantees, and employee benefits.

Attorney Eric Kingsley and a coalition of experienced plaintiff's lawyers from various firms joined forces to champion the cause of the affected stock brokers. Their collaborative effort was marked by exhaustive research, meticulous legal analysis, and relentless advocacy for the rights of the misclassified workers.

Case Outcome

The formidable legal team, led by Attorney Eric Kingsley, successfully negotiated a historic settlement of $44,000,000. This exceptional resolution not only delivered substantial financial compensation to the stock brokers but also underscored the significance of proper worker classification and just treatment of employees in the financial sector.


The $44,000,000 settlement is a watershed moment in employment law, as it rectifies the wrongs suffered by the stock brokers who were mistakenly classified. It also establishes a powerful precedent for the accurate classification of workers and the imperative of safeguarding worker rights across industries. This outcome sends a resounding message to employers that misclassification will be vigorously challenged, and fair employment practices must be upheld.

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Attorney Eric Kingsley

Eric Kingsley

Eric B. Kingsley is a 2023 "Best In Law" Award winner and has litigated over 150 class actions. He is also an AV peer rated attorney and a prolific speaker at various seminars on employment law.

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