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Case Results

$2,600,000.00 Settlement Denied Meal/Rest Breaks & Overtime Pay

National Auto Parts Dealer

Case Background:

Client Group: National Auto Parts Dealer
Legal Issue: Denied Meal and Rest Breaks & Overtime Pay
Settlement Amount: $2,600,000.00

In a significant legal development, Kingsley & Kingsley Lawyers secured a $2,600,000 settlement in a case involving the denial of state-mandated meal and rest breaks, as well as overtime pay violations by a prominent national auto parts dealer. This case highlighted the critical importance of adhering to employment laws and ensuring the rights of employees in the automotive industry.

The Issues: Denied Meal and Rest Breaks & Overtime Pay

In the fast-paced environment of a national auto parts dealer, employees play a crucial role in maintaining operations. However, this group of employees faced two significant challenges. Firstly, they were systematically denied their legally mandated meal and rest breaks, depriving them of the opportunity to rest and recharge during their workdays. Secondly, the auto parts dealer failed to properly compensate employees for overtime work, a clear violation of labor laws.

Kingsley & Kingsley Lawyers' Legal Victory:

Kingsley & Kingsley Lawyers, with their extensive experience in employment law, took action to protect the rights of these auto parts dealer employees. They conducted a thorough investigation into the employer's practices, building a robust case on behalf of the affected employees to address the denial of breaks and overtime pay violations.

The Settlement:

After rigorous negotiations and determined advocacy, Kingsley & Kingsley Lawyers successfully secured a $2,600,000 settlement. This substantial settlement provides compensation to employees who endured denied breaks and unpaid overtime, and it delivers a stern message to employers in the automotive industry. Compliance with state-mandated break requirements and overtime pay regulations is not optional; violations will lead to significant legal consequences.


The $2,600,000 settlement in the case of denied meal and rest breaks and overtime pay violations within a national auto parts dealer underscores the importance of upholding employment laws and ensuring the well-being and financial security of workers in the automotive industry. Kingsley & Kingsley Lawyers' dedication to justice sets a precedent, serving as a reminder to employers to fulfill their obligations to their employees and adhere to labor regulations. This legal victory showcases the positive impact of committed legal professionals in safeguarding the rights of workers. For more information on this landmark case or to seek legal assistance in employment law matters, please contact Kingsley & Kingsley Lawyers.

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