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Case Results

$4,250,000.00 Settlement Denied Meal/Rest Breaks

Attorney Eric Kingsley Achieves Resolution Against National Motel Chain

Case Summary

Attorney Eric Kingsley has successfully negotiated a substantial settlement of $4,250,000.00 in a case against a national motel chain. The case centered on employees who were denied their state-mandated meal and rest breaks and were also subjected to check cashing fees.

Case Background

Client Group: Motel Chain Employees
Legal Issues: Denied Meal and Rest Breaks, Check Cashing Fees
Settlement Amount: $4,250,000.00

This case revolved around employees working for a national motel chain who were consistently denied their legally mandated meal and rest breaks. Additionally, these employees were unfairly required to pay check cashing fees, further impacting their earnings and well-being.

Attorney Eric Kingsley took on the case to address these violations and secure just compensation for the affected motel employees.

Settlement Outcome

The case reached a resolution with a substantial settlement of $4,250,000.00, rectifying the issues of denied meal and rest breaks and compensating the affected employees for the unfair check cashing fees.

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