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I wish to take a moment to thank you

Dear Mr. Kingsley,

 wish to take a moment to thank you for your thought-provoking and inspiring presentation (CAALA) this past Sunday morning. Having sat through nearly forty presentations at that point, I can state, in all sincerity, that yours affected me the most. There were so many parts of it that were thoughtful that I hardly know where to begin. Let me, therefore, just extend my sincere thanks for the obvious effort you put into your presentation.

Having opened my own practice just five months ago after ten-plus years at another firm, your words have encouraged me to seek other disability matters....I found your willingness to share your thoughts on that subject to be both helpful and generous.  If I am successful, it will be due partly to your inspiring words. Thank you again for taking the time to share with others the truths you have accumulated during your many years of practice.


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