• I Can't Adequately Express The Appreciation I Feel, You Saved Me!

    Dear George,

    I can't adequately express the appreciation I feel, you saved me! I am finally free of some financial fears and recover my life after six years of hell. I also feel some satisfaction that the insurance company does not "get off the hook." Your kindness and consideration meant a lot to me and I can't thank you enough for your extreme professionalism. I wish there were more people like you in this world, it would be a much nicer place to be!

    Best Wishes

    - Kathleen N.

  • You All Have Been Amazing!

    You all have been amazing! You changed my life more than you'll ever know. You have a great family at Kingsley & Kingsley, and you are blessed for that. Have an amazing holiday season and an amazing new year!

    Eternally grateful,

    - Bren

  • Kingsley Fulfilled All of Their Promises and More
    I was a model employee for 10 years when my employer fired me for a ridiculous reason. I researched a few different wrongful termination attorneys, but ended up deciding on Kingsley because of the people I spoke with. They were kind and obviously had a lot of experience with my type of case. I am very happy with what they were able to do for me. After 6 months, my employer agreed to a settlement that will keep me afloat for the next decade. The process was easy and, as far as I can tell, there is no public information future employers can use against me. Kingsley fulfilled all of their promises and more.

    - Thomas S.

  • They fought through every obstacle and kept their promises
    If I left a review every week for a year, I still would not have said thank you enough to Mr. Kingsley and his team. These lawyers took the time to listen to my problems and my story and provide me with everything I wanted to know about my situation.
    I’ll always thank God to have had Kingsley and his team on my side throughout my ridiculous ordeal. It was a long journey with lots of twists and turns, but they fought through every obstacle and kept their promises.

    - Mildred A.

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  • I highly recommend Eric for any employment law case you might have.
    I can't say enough good things about Eric Kingsley. He was so professional, clearly an expert in his field, responsive, proactive, and always made me feel as comfortable as possible through what was a very stressful situation. I highly recommend him for any employment law case you might have.

    - Mark B.

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  • Stellar Record as a Class Action Attorney
    I give Eric Kingsley my highest endorsement. He has a stellar record as a class action attorney for consumers and employees. He takes an entrepreneurial approach to the practice of law. He is a great man who gives back to other lawyers and the community. He has an excellent, caring staff. I am proud to have worked with Eric on several matters, and I warmly endorse him.

    - Delores P.

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  • Great Communication
    They took my case right away and handled it very quickly. I got my settlement within a month. Great communication and I'm very satisfied with their work. I would highly recommend them.

    - Salene H.

  • I highly recommend everyone at this firm.
    I'm so thankful for the employment law help I received at Kingsley and Kingsley Employment Lawyers. Liane Katzenstein was so amazing at helping me with my case and her team was so nice when I called. Losing my job was overwhelming and they helped me overcome it in so many ways. I highly recommend everyone at this firm. Thanks everybody. I really appreciate it.

    - Jennifer H.

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  • Thank You For Saving My Life

    I've been meaning to write this recommendation for a long time...thank you for saving my life Mr. Kingsley. What you did for me and my family will never be forgotten, and we are so unbelievably grateful for you and what you did for us. Without you, I'm positive that I would not be able to take care of my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    - Sandra

  • Exceeded All Expectations

    Thank you, Mr. Kingsley. You never gave up on us and were true to your word. Class act.

    - Anonymous

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  • Responsive, Thorough and Patient
    I would highly recommend Kingsley and Kingsley Employment Lawyers to anyone. My husband had the pleasure of working with the attorney Kelsey M. Szamet. She was terrific: responsive, thorough and patient. Every single staff member we dealt with at the firm was nothing but professional. She was able to negotiate a very successful settlement on our behalf, and we could not have asked for a better outcome for the case!

    - Ian G.

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  • Got a GREAT result.
    Kingsley and Kingsley did a fantastic job for me. I reported sexual harassment to my manager and was fired shortly after. Spoke to someone at Kingsley Kingsley, they evaluated my case free of charge, then took care of everything with very very little needed from me. Got a GREAT result. Would recommend them to anyone in need of a great employment attorney.

    - Lillian H.

  • Patient & Kind
    Ari Stiller was great to work with. He was patient and kind and never rushed me. I met with Ari about a case. Ari was extremely knowledgeable about the law and had no problem answering all of my questions. The staff was great too and were also helpful. I highly recommend contacting Ari Stiller at Kingsley’s & Kingsley to see if he could help with your case.

    - Susan M.

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  • Genuine, Good People
    My experience with Kingsley and Kingsley is fantastic. People at the firm have been in contact with me weekly. I really like Mike, Eric, Liane, and Kelsey. They all seem to be genuine, good people that actually care about what they are doing. Lucky for me! Could not recommend more.

    - JJ B.

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