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Do you work in construction? Are you being paid what you are legally guaranteed? If you work in construction that is being funded completely or partially by government money, then by law you are required to be paid the prevailing wage in California. The prevailing wage is similar to the minimum wage but is specifically for construction workers who are working on public works projects. It is a legally required hourly minimum wage that your employer must pay you.

This law prevents employers from winning contracts because they are underpaying their workers. Everyone who bids for the job must at least pay employees the same minimum hourly rate. There is a specific payment amount that is legally required based on the type of work being performed.

Unfortunately, not everyone follows the law, and when an employer fails to play by the guidelines, it is your paycheck that suffers. Working in construction can be physically draining. You should be paid for how hard you work. The law agrees, and so do we.

If you are not sure if you are being paid what the law says is fair, contact us now. In each case, there are time limits that apply. The experienced wage and hour lawyers at Kingsley and Kingsley have specialized experience in prevailing wage law cases. We know the details of the law. We know how to win here in California. With our help, your hard work will not go underpaid. We will get you what you are legally promised.

Take advantage of our free consultation to discuss how we can help. Call 888-211-1372 now. Do not wait. It is your hard-earned money.

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