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Religious Discrimination Attorneys in Los Angeles

You are protected from discrimination regardless of your race, color, or national origin because of Title VII. Title VII is a portion of the legislation that was created in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a historic combination of laws that greatly increased the level of protection from discrimination and other civil injustices for many Americans. When these laws are violated, workers often file discrimination lawsuits against their employers.

What Is Religious Discrimination?

Employees and applicants are protected against being treated unfavorably because of the individual's race but also because of physical characteristics (hair texture, color, facial features) associated with race. Although color discrimination may sound similar to race discrimination, it differs in that it involves treating someone unfavorably because of skin color complexion. Religious discrimination is also protected, and those who violate these laws may be held accountable.

The definition of "religious belief, observance or practice" now includes religious dress and grooming practices.

This includes:

  • wearing or carrying religious clothing
  • wearing head or face coverings
  • wearing jewelry
  • carrying artifacts
  • forms of head, facial or body hair
  • other items that are part of observing one's religion

An accommodation is considered unreasonable if it requires segregation from other employees or the public.

Courts must apply the state definition of "undue hardship" in regards to accommodating an individual's religious beliefs. This means an employer would have to prove that it requires significant difficulty or expense in order to show "undue hardship".

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