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Disability Claims

California Disability Claims Insurance Lawyer

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Is Your Insurance Company Denying Your Disability Claims?

You're not alone. Unfair denial of disability insurance benefits is too common a practice among insurance companies. More often than not, clients try to fight these companies on their own with little preparation and knowledge of the legal process.

Don't fight them alone. We have been handling disability insurance cases in California for more than 30 years. We've seen too many cases where hard working people faithfully paid their insurance premiums for years and then had their claims unfairly denied by their long-term disability insurance companies.

It is illegal for insurance companies to engage in unfair claims practices such as;

  1. Failing to promptly explain the reasons for denying a claim.
  2. Failing to act in “good faith” to settle a claim in which liability is reasonably clear.

Insurance companies engage in this behavior because they are often well represented and well prepared. But so are we. Our experience and extensive network has helped us win hundreds of cases over the years.

Many people think that long-term disability benefits only cover injuries that happen on the job. However, orthopedic injuries and conditions, psychological disorders, cancer, mental illness, chronic illnesses, neurological disorders, certain degenerative diseases, and  most other physical illnesses may all be covered by a long-term disability insurance policy.

There are pitfalls to avoid and key advice to follow BEFORE submitting a disability claim appeal. Contact us:

  • Learn more about the appeal process and the importance of the appeal Letter
  • Gain critical knowledge of “insurance bad faith”
  • Improve your chance of success when appealing a long-term disability claim

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We know you're relying on your claims to pay the bills. We know this is a stressful time for you. You're not just another case to us. You're a human being going through an aggravating and stressful situation. Have peace of mind that your case will be handled expeditiously and aggressively by us.

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