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Steps To Take If You Experience Sexual Discrimination At Work

Always remember that federal and state laws are in place to protect you from sexual discrimination at work. If you believe you have been a victim of sexual discrimination, it's important to know what to do.

I've Experienced Sexual Discrimination At Work. Now What Do I Do?

  1. Document the situation.  Make notes on your home computer or personal note pad that include: date(s), location, time, witnesses, and details of the incident.  If there is a witness, ask them to do the same.  Be sure that you do not keep this documentation at work.
  2. Report the incident in writing to your employer. Consult your employee handbook or speak to your human resources advisor to determine how to report the situation.  Document your report in writing by describing the problem in detail. Keep a record of all communications you send and receive from your employer about the incident on your home computer.
  3. Request a copy of your Personnel File.  Get a copy of everything in your file: your application, reviews, vacation requests, and any other documents you may have signed during your employment.
  4. File a Complaint with EEOC or DFEH. In order to file a lawsuit, you must first file a sexual discrimination complaint.  Charges must be presented to the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) within 300 days of the incident OR complaints must be filed with the DFEH within one year of the event.
  5. Consult with an attorney.  Get the advice and guidance of an experienced sexual discrimination attorney. The lawyers with Kingsley & Kingsley located in Los Angeles, California have a wealth of experience fighting for victims of sexual discrimination and harassment. To have an attorney evaluate your claim, contact Eric Kingsley today for a free initial consultation. Or you can call us here in Los Angeles: 888-500-8469.

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