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Overtime And Holiday Pay Under Prevailing Wage Law

How is overtime and holiday pay affected by California Prevailing Wage Law?

Under California Prevailing Wage Law, minimum wage standards are regulated for all workers performing on construction projects of $1,000 or more funded in whole or part by public funds.

Wages are based on trade, craft or classification and are set for regular work hours, overtime, weekend, legal holidays, and shift differentials.


In California, any and all time in excess of eight hours per day and 40 hours per week is considered overtime. Wage determinations will be listed by craft and in some cases may be required for working an excess of seven hours.


According to California Prevailing Wage Law, workers should be paid a different rate for working on the weekend. This rate is determined based on their particular trade classification.

Legal Holidays

All crafts will receive the specified holiday wage for New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Some classifications may be eligible for holiday pay on additional holidays such as Veteran's Day or Martin Luther King Day.

Shift Differentials

Many trades will have required shift differential pay wages when multiple shifts are in place.  This includes night work, swing shift, and the graveyard shift and it will be specified based on the particular craft or trade.

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