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Gender Discrimination Violations

Sexual discrimination occurs when an employer shows bias or distinction towards an applicant or employee on the basis of their gender.  Although the majority of sexual discrimination cases are directed towards women, both men and women are protected under The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Acts Of Gender Discrimination At Work

  • Hiring – selecting a candidate based on gender, regardless of equal qualifications and expertise.
  • Salary – when an employer pays an employee of one gender less for the same work with experience, performance and seniority being equal.
  • Benefits – being forced to use sick and vacation time after pregnancy in lieu of disability leave when another employee is granted disability leave for a temporary health condition.
  • Promotion – when an employee with satisfactory performance with equal or more experience is passed over for a promotion due to gender.
  • Condition of employment – unnecessary conditions of a position aimed at discouraging specific gender applicants.  For example: requiring the ability to lift 100 pounds when it would not be necessary to perform the position.
  • Discipline – a distinguishable difference in disciplinary action based on gender.
  • Termination – when an employee of one gender with the same experience, performance and seniority is laid-off or terminated over another based on their gender.

If you feel that you have experienced sexual discrimination at work it's important to act quickly. The attorney's at Kingsley & Kingsley are here to help you. Please call us toll-free at 888-500-8469 to discuss your situation.

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